Stella Fotiadi

Stella cv Stella Fotiadi has graduated in 2006 from the Rallou Manou dance school; in 2007 she has also graduated from the Communication and Media Department of the University of Athens.

Apart from her dance studies, she has attended several seminars/classes with distinguished teachers in Greece and abroad, while she is a teacher of contemporary dance and music education herself.

Since 2004 until today she has collaborated as a dancer/performer with: Stella Zannou, Apostolia Papadamaki, Greek National Opera, Mariela Nestora, Maro Grigoriou, Dagipoli dance theatre.

In 2005 she co-choreographed and danced a duet, which won the 1st award of its category in the national dance competition Terpsihoris Erga; the duet was presented that same year in Barcelona.

In 2008 she moved to Berlin, where she gave contemporary dance classes and collaborated as dancer/performer with LaborGras, Howard Katz, Jessica Jobaris, Sybille Mueller. In 2010 she moved to Brussels where she worked along Willie Dorner.

That same year she came back to Greece and in 2011 she became a member of the “Theatre of Panic”, participating in the performances "Antonello's death" and "1-100".

In 2013 she established her own contemporary dance company Still Pilgrim Paradox. Their first project Hands/Χέρια, for which original music was composed by Empty Frame, premiered in Athens, in June 2015. The videodance "Whispers and wishes" was selected and screened in September 2016, at POOL 16/Internationales Tanzfilm Festival Berlin and in November 2016 at Moving Images International Videodance Festival, at Nicosia, Cyprus. "Unspoken", the company's third production for which original music was composed and played live on stage, started its journey at Evripidio Theater of Rematia and at OLVIO theater in Autumn 2016.

Furthermore, in May 2016 she co-choreographed and performed together with Alexis Fousekis and Mary-Fofi Anestou the short-lenght performance "Unfolding" at Trianon theater in Athens, in the borders of Music in Motion Festival, with music from George Polychronakos. In June 2016 she co-choreographed and danced together with Androniki Marathaki, Mina Ananiadou and Loukiani Papadaki the improvisational dance performance with live music, "Lakay", in the borders of Athens Photo Festival, at Benaki Museum.