Mary-Fofi Anestou

Mary-Fofi Anestou is a graduate of the Greek National School of Dance and, at the same time, of the Theology Department of the University of Athens; she is also an honors graduate of classical piano music from the National Conservatory of Athens.

She has attended several dance seminars in Greece and abroad with David Zambrano, Hofesh Shechter, Gill Clarke, Ivan Woolfe, Ted Stoffer, Juan Cruz, Nana Vachlia, German Jauregui, Chrysha Parkinson, Jorge M.Cresis, Atsushi Takenouchi etc. During the summer of 2009 she was chosen as a member of a 20 dancers group who participated in the coaching project of “Visual art, Choreography and the Practice of performance” with Trajal Harrel and Sarah SZE in Vienna IMPULSTANZ FESTIVAL. Furthermore, she is a founding member of the MRA dance group.

She has danced, choreographed and collaborated with several dance and theatre companies in Greece and abroad, i.e. συν+εργασία dance group, MRA Dance Company in Greece and Cyprus, Ditto dance company and choreographer Ioanna Vasilakopoulou for the Novi Sad “medkrv3” festival in Serbia and for the ”La Becquée festival choreographique” in France, with Mariela Nestora and YELP danceco for the 3rd Athens Biennale 2011 MONODROME, with ”exactly what I wanted-1” and “action 3-what I wanted”, with Aris Retsos in the ancient tragedy “The throne of Atreus” for the Athens Festival at Odeon of Herodes Atticus, with Circle Team as assistant choreographer and performer in the dance theatre performance of choreographer Olga Spyraki which was directed by Dimitris Zografakis, with Seresta Dance Company and choreographer Christina Beskou etc. In March 2013 her performance “distance”, which was choreographed in collaboration with Eva Kalomoiri, was chosen to be presented in the 13th Cyprus Contemporary Dance Platform.

Furthermore, she teaches in dance schools, cultural associations, self-managed social centers, creative programs, dance and theatre studios for children and adults.