Hands/Χέρια (2015)


Three dancers and six musicians on scene, interacting, conversing, narrating, demanding.

The space taken up by people in our lives and the emptiness their absence leaves behind.

The need for human connection, fellow travellers and listeners, through the eternal communication between bodies and sounds.


A contemporary dance performance from Still Pilgrim Paradox dance company with original live music by Empty Frame.

6,7 &13,14 June 2015 at OLVIO theater



Choreography: Stella Fotiadi

Created with & Performed by: Mary-Fofi Anestou, Aleksis Fousekis, Stella Fotiadi

Original live music: Empty Frame

Costumes: Vassiliki Tzouti

Light creation: Panayotis Manousis

Sound technician: Stefanos Douvitsas


A photography exhibition by Lida Touloumakou will take place during the performance.